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about us

Innovo Yacht

With unwavering dedication, our company has steadily grown over the years, establishing itself in the field of yacht and megayacht services in Greece. Today, we take immense pride in our scope and unwavering commitment to serving the unique needs of the yachting community.

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Yacht Renovation by Innovo

The following are the basic steps we take into consideration when starting the renovation of a yacht.

  • Evaluation and Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Legal Compliance
  • Interior Renovation
  • Exterior Renovation
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Safety Features
Yacht lounge renovation
Yacht deck design


Yacht Design by Innovo

Innovo Yacht is a recognized company of yacht designers and maritime architects in Greece proposing an innovative, contemporary, and sustainable approach.

“We firmly believe that a detailed and carefully developed study is essential for the success of the project.”


Yacht Services by Innovo

Financial support

Insurance & Legal

Sales & Purchase

Techical support

Travelling suport

Yacht summer adventure accross the mediterranean sea
Yacht kitchen equipment


Yacht Equipment by Innovo

Deck Hardaware

Cabin & Galley

Anchoring & Docking

Navigation & Electronic Equipment

Maintenance products

Safety Equipment