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Wine cellar 254 bottles build up

SKU: 1009

Wine Cellar LA SOMMELIERE LSBU51DB2 for the temperature control of up to 51 bottles of wine. Equipped with a double zone, you can program the 2 compartments independently of each other. Delivered with 5 wooden shelves and 1 half wooden shelf. It can be installed underneath a counter top or free-standing and can be adapted to your interior.

Thus you can set the desired temperatures according to the following ranges:

  • Upper zone (16 bottles): from 5°C to 12°C;
  • Lower zone (35 bottles): from 12°C to 20°C.

The (other) strong points of the LSBU51DB2

The LSBU51DB2 wine cellar is aesthetically pleasing with its anti-UV treated glass door. Reversible, it adapts to your needs and ergonomic constraints.

The bottles are easily accessible thanks to the 5 wooden shelves (beech), fixed type: a real comfort of use for your waiters and sommeliers.

All La Sommelière multi-zone cellars adapt to the constraints of your kitchen thanks to adjustable feet and a front ventilation system. The LSBU51DB2 is designed to be installed underneath the surface, but it can also be installed as a free-standing unit.

It benefits from many other qualities, such as (and not limited to) :

  • An electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
  • An excellent cold distribution
  • Anti-vibration system