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Wine cellar dual zone 143 bottles

SKU: 1007

Wine cellar LA SOMMELIERE APOGEE145DZ reproduces the conservation conditions of a natural cellar to accompany your wines until their peak. Remotely controllable, it also allows you to monitor the parameters of your wine cellar (temperature, lighting, alarms), remotely and at any time, from your smartphone or tablet, using the Vinotag® application. Your great vintages are safely stored in this connected wine bank.

  • Controlled hygrometry: The hygrometry rate of a cellar must be between 50% and 80%. If the hygrometry rate is too low, the cork may dry out, allowing oxygen to come into contact with the wine. If it is too high, it will damage the aesthetics of your bottles by peeling off their labels and may promote the formation of mold. To guarantee a precise temperature in your cellar, the APOGEE145DZ generates regular cold cycles. Coupled with the thermodynamic operation of the evaporator, they allow to keep an ideal hygrometry rate within the wine cellar.
  • No vibrations: Repeated vibrations, even of low amplitude, disturb the maturation of the wine: they accelerate the ageing of the youngest wines and detach the sediments from the oldest wines, damaging them irreversibly. Thanks to its Silent Block technology, the APOGEE145DZ does not generate any vibrations and offers a silent operation.
  • Protection against light: Only darkness prevents the degradation of tannins by oxidation and the premature aging of wine. Ultraviolet rays can, in the long run, give the wine a very unpleasant rancid taste called “light taste” and alter the quality of your bottles forever. To enhance your bottles while protecting them effectively, the APOGEE145DZ has been developed with a triple glazed door with anti-UV treatment.
  • A filtration and aeration system: In a confined area, wine can take on undesirable tastes. Without aeration, mold and bacteria can develop and alter the hermeticity of the corks and the taste of your wine. It is important to keep your wine in a healthy environment. Equipped with an air intake equipped with an activated carbon filter, the APOGEE145DZ allows a continuous renewal of the air neutralizing bad odors and the proliferation of bacteria and molds.
  • A constant temperature: In order not to disturb the aging of the wine, it must age in an environment offering a stable and constant temperature. The APOGEE145DZ aging cellar allows you to keep your great wines in a healthy environment and at the temperature of your choice (adjustable between 5°C and 20°C).