Innovo Yacht

Wine Dispenser 6 bottles

SKU: 1018


The DVV6SS wine by the glass dispenser is a dual-zone stainless steel dispenser, which simultaneously allows 6 bottles to be brought to the ideal tasting temperature, preserves the wine from air oxidation and allows wine by the glass to be served with perfect control to the nearest centilitre. The wine is thus preserved longer, up to 3 weeks after opening.

The DVV6SS works thanks to a nitrogen pressure system, just like the DVV8, a similar model that holds 8 bottles. Nitrogen is an inert and odorless gas that allows the long conservation of wine. Injected into the bottle, it creates a sort of hermetic barrier on the surface of the wine and prevents its contact with the air. The oxidation of the wine is thus strongly delayed.

The compatible nitrogen cartridge (ref. CA05) is very easy to install. Each 0,70L nitrogen cartridge allows the service of about 40 bottles of 75cl. The DVV6SS is delivered with 2 nitrogen cartridges.

The DVV6SS is an electrically operated wine by the glass dispenser.